College of Education


     To produce world class educators and education leaders imbued with ideals, aspirations, values and traditions of philippine life that can adapt to the challenges of the world..

Units and Faculty Members

Jude A. Duarte, D.P.A
University President

Evelyn B. Aguirre, D.A.
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Lina G. Fabian
Dean, College of Education
Prof. Ed. Unit
ILS and Student Teaching
Unit Chair Prof. Luis Lorenzo B. Domingo Unit Chair Prof. Leslie Radaza
Faculty Members:
  • Prof. Jocelyn R. Bayrante
  • Dr. Marife N. Daga
  • Prof. Luis Lorenzo B. Domingo
  • Dr. Janet P. Espada
  • Mrs. Cristine G. Capucion
  • Prof. Arlene G. Heruela
  • Mr. Rufo L. Labarrete
  • Prof. Melba M. Navarra
  • Prof. Cristina N. Estolano
  • Prof. Mildreda C. Perez
  • Ms. Firie Jill T. Ramos
  • Dr. Antonia L. Sabarre
  • Mrs. Anie H. Villaruel
  • Prof. Joderic C. Navarrete
Faculty Members:
  • Mrs. Maria Teresa L. Delima
  • Miss Rebecca Estolano
  • Mr. Ronald F. Mocorro
  • Prof. Lorena M. Ripalda
  • Mr. Jose Ismael S. Salamia
  • Miss Alma Sonia Q. Sanchez
  • Miss Mary Ann C. Sedanza
Coordinator, Student Teaching (BSED) Prof. Ryan G. Destura Director, San Isidro External Campus Mr. Jumar Lumapak
Coordinator, Student Teaching (BEED) Prof. Jocelyn R. Bayrante
SI Campus Faculty Mr. Restituto I. Urot