Graduate Programs


An applicant for graduate studies who wants to seek admission to the master’s and doctoral programs must have an appropriate bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and appropriate master’s degree or its equivalent, respectively, from a CHED identified reputable college or university. For those who do not have the appropriate or equivalent bachelor’s degree or master’s degree but who wish to enroll in a particular program, they have to take bridging subjects equivalent to, at least, nine units, except the applicants to the Master of Social Work program who are required to take 21 units. These bridging subjects will be determined by the respective Program Coordinators.

In addition, the following procedural and documentary requirements have to be met by the applicant:

  • Filling out of the Graduate School Application Form and submission of original Transcript of Records (TOR) for evaluation purposes to the Office of the Graduate School;
  • Interview by the Dean of the Graduate School or Program Adviser of the graduate program sought by the applicant. Interview by the Dean of the Graduate School or by the Program Coordinator; and
  • For transferees, submission of Honorable Dismissal from school last attended. In the absence of a transfer credential, the student shall be temporarily enrolled FOR ONE SEMESTER and admission shall be deferred in the succeeding term if such requirement is not submitted.

A graduate from a non-thesis master’s program must enroll in Basic Research and write a full-blown paper. The Dean of the Graduate School, together with the respective Program Coordinator, asks the student a few questions about the paper during the interview, which is part of the admission requirements.

For LNU graduates who finished a non-thesis master’s degree but who would like to pursue relevant thesis master’s degree, they must submit their TOR for evaluation by the Dean of the Graduate School or by the Program Coordinator, in the absence of the Dean. If all the necessary subjects for the degree sought were already taken, they will be allowed to enroll TW001 and TW002 in the first and second semesters, respectively. If, however, they still lack the required subjects, they have to enroll and take the comprehensive examinations for those lacking subjects.

For transferees, the residence requirement of 50% of the total units of the degree sought has to be complied.

Admission Test

New enrollees must take the admission test(s), the Graduate School Admission Test/s (GSAT), at the Guidance Office. Results are categorized as Passed or Failed. Test takers who pass the GSAT could enroll in the graduate school. However, those with below average result will still be accepted to the Graduate School but will be given probationary status for one semester. His/her school performance will be monitored and evaluated at the end of the term. To be able to enroll in the subsequent semester, he/she should obtain a GPA of 1.7 or better.

School Fees

Tuition Fee  ₱200.00/unit (master’s);
 ₱300.00/unit (doctoral)
Entrance Fee  ₱1,250.00

Study Load

A maximum of nine (9) units of study load during the semester and summer session will be allowed for each student. A maximum of nine-unit study load during the regular semester and twelve-unit load during the summer term will be allowed for each student. Taking twelve (12) units during the regular semester is only allowed to those who are either graduating or full-time students. Fulltime here means the student is not working while studying.

Transfer of Credits

All relevant courses taken in accredited universities and colleges shall be credited, provided (a) the number of units to be accredited shall not exceed 50% of the total units required for the degree sought, (b) the subjects are substantially the same in content as reflected in the LNU graduate curriculum, and (c) the grades obtained for each subject to be credited are 1.7 or better.

Crediting of subjects shall be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School upon the recommendation of the Program Coordinator.

Units in subjects taken in a previously earned degree cannot be credited for equivalent subjects in the new degree sought.


To turn out professionals and leaders imbued with values and a high degree of expertise and competence.

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