For the Mark

  by Larry Esperas

     I actually had nothing to write about until our editor-in-chief texted me to make a commentary for today's newsletter edition. Then I remembered the utterance of Henry, one of the characters in the Pixar's animated movie, The Good Dinosaur, which sparked up the sleeping creativity in me.

     In the earlier part of the movie, Henry’s sons were very eager to put their paw marks on the wall of their storage room made up of stones after seeing their parents doing the same. But Henry interrupted by saying, “It’s not that easy. You got to earn your mark by doing something big for something bigger than yourself. Someday you’ll all make your mark. And I can’t wait to see it.”

     During these past few days, the university has been spending much effort in putting up a slightly extravagant celebration, so to speak, for its 95th year in the service. The faculty and staff were also battling against their hectic schedule brought about by the said celebration. Students busily rehearsed their festival dances, cutting and pasting parts for the props, practicing performances for the concert and many more—this is the usual scenario.

     Even classes were cut short just to complete the needed preparations. There was a time in our Politics and Governance class when we were already at the height of the discussion but then the bell suddenly rang. It interrupted the flow of the lesson.

     I saw how students fight their heavy eyes while listening to their teacher’s lecture because they went home late last night, practicing. Some students bumped each other along the hallways as one was hurrying to his or her classroom, only to find out that the class was already done 45 minutes ago and the other is on his or her way home after being informed of the same. But anyway, that is for the good of the school, as they say.

     However, instead of feeling tired for them, seeing how they manage to still attend classes despite the shortened sleeping time coupled with some tired bones rather developed a feeling of excitement in me for the upcoming big event, wondering how this would all turn out, in a good way. In fact, it gave me a sense of pride especially that the audience will not only be the Normalistas themselves. Students and visitors coming from other universities and colleges will also be joining us. How much more if they are all happening for real?

     I bet smiles from the watching crowd would not fade when they witness everything transpiring, in a Normalista way. This will be another testimony of LNU’s excellence, besides providing quality education.

     With all these tough challenges hurdled just to produce something worthy to be proud of, Normalistas did not back off, as always. It’s what defines us. For at the end of the day, it’s in our collective drives where our alma mater’s success lies. And today, as the celebration officially opens, all the hard work from the LNU community will finally be realized and we will all gaze at LNU as it aims for a mark.

     Now, my eyes are becoming heavy. I guess my sparked up creativity is again sleeping.