Our Kind of Festival

  by Aljade Tambis

     Chances are, if you’ve been to a kitchen trade show, please don’t come around for a coffee and some biscuits. Because our festivals are the sort of acts that would turn morning zombies into hyperactive human beings.

     The Leyte Normal University Founding Anniversary festival– now on its 95th year – is one of the most well-planned festivals in Tacloban city. The 4-day event partially overtakes the people of Tacloban. From street performances to large concert grounds, the cheerful sounds of drums and lyres and loud singing can be heard around the whole city, creating a joyful atmosphere.

     Over the years the festival has become bigger, better and far more electric in genres. And with that in mind, we’ve turned attentions to four outstanding events left, profiling them below.

     There are four stages for attendees to choose from: LNU Museum, ILS Festival, Research Pageant, and Mr. and Ms. LNU Pageant. Clearly, there’s something for everyone at LNU.

     During your visit to LNU, be sure to explore the museum and get your picture taken in front of the old and torn-out typewriters, portraits, kitchen and office materials, and old Spanish newspapers in CTE Building. Hurry! The artifacts are waiting for you.

     However, if you aren’t in the mood of walking through time, you may watch a high-caliber performance of ILS pupils at the spectacular ORC Quad. I’m sure they can’t wait to see everyone’s jaw drop because of their towering headgears, and dancing colors. The kiddie show will begin at eight in the morning today.

     If you have doubts of the way you’ll defend your thesis, research, and feasibility studies, the Research Pageant is the event suitable just for you. There you can grasp initial ideas on how to prepare, how to deliver, and how to defend your papers.

     At five in the afternoon, while you are walking, don’t try to think what you could do to occupy your time because for the first time ever, swimwear competition is now back in LNU pageant. For five years, this is the event everyone has been waiting for. To watch your candidate own the runway and answer the question with pure intelligence is worth your thunder clap. So don’t miss any of these! The beauty and brain clash are held in the outdoor stage of the ORC Quad.

     The best part of the festival is that, all of these shows are for free. For this is how things go at LNU, how we celebrate things in the most upbeat, festive way.