“Touching Hearts, Nurturing Lives”


Providing a helping, supportive, and facilitative role in the achievement of the institution’s mission and goals, the LNU Guidance Services aim to give assistance to every student so that he/she may:

  1. Gain an understanding of himself/herself and others
  2. Become self-directed and self-reliant to the end that he/she can make necessary adjustments to the school setting and to his/her academic, personal and social life
  3. Acquire desirable values
  4. Conceive realistic plans for his/her future life after leaving school


  • Admission

        The Guidance Office is in- charge of screening and testing student-applicants to the university. It coordinates with the Vice- President for Academic Affairs and the Deans of the Programs concerning the classification, qualifications, testing, and section of student applicants to the university. It also assists the Dean of Student Affairs in the selection of scholarship beneficiaries.

  • Information and Orientation Services

        It provides vocational, educational, and personal- social information that will help the individual become the person he is capable of becoming by helping him know and appreciate the real- life world of work in which he will/is expected to function.

         Information materials are also available at the Guidance Unit for students’ use.

         An orientation program is held annually for all students. Students are oriented and updated on the policies and guidelines, programs, scholarships and student services of the university. LNU administrators, faculty and personnel are also introduced as well.

  • Scholarship and Financial Assistance

         Scholarships and Financial Aids are made available for students to offer them financial assistance and help them financially in their studies. Scholarships offered may be academic, non-academic, government funded or privately funded.

  • Guidance and Counseling Services

         The Guidance and Counseling services offered are the following:

    • Appraisal/ Individual Inventory Service
    •      An individual inventory is the developmental and longitudinal process of collecting, recording, evaluating and interpreting data to identify the characteristics of potential of every client. The data can be used in proper diagnoses, predicting progress and behaviors, accurate placement, and program evaluation. However, confidentiality of the information given by the individual is assured.

    • Counseling
    •      This is the heart of the guidance services which aims at helping students/clients in attaining optimum growth and development through self-understanding, sound decision- making, and self-direction. This is done through individual and group counseling. This may be done through walk-in, making an appointment or through a referral.

    • Follow-Up
    •      Follow- up is an integral part of the developmental process, which locates and assists students with academic deficiency cope with academic demands. Further, it helps determine the status of the person who received assistance and what other assistance must be rendered so that the service is complete and holistic.

    • Referral
    •      Referral is another integral part of the services offered by the Guidance Unit. It is an art taken by persons within the institutions (e.g. teachers, administrators, parents, and other students) who see that a particular person needs counselor assistance. It also refers to the practice of helping clients find needed expert assistance that referring authority cannot provide.

  • Career and Placement Services

         Placement helps the individual bridge the gap which students face as they move from one educational ladder or from one role to another, progressing toward the stage of full occupational maturity.

  • Services for Students with Special Needs

         Students with special needs are given importance. They are being helped to manage their deficiencies, reduce its effects and recover/ accept from it. Thus, they are given more priority with regards to the services offered by the Guidance Office.

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