Gender Equality

First Generation Female Students

LNU stands on its commitment towards gender inclusivity with a significant number of female students enrollees starting their first degree in the institution. Providing equal accessibility mirrors equity towards equality, symbolizes interconnectedness rooted in gender responsiveness, removes gender-bias educational agenda, and emancipates gender expressions enmeshed in the narratives of academic freedom.

Students Access Measures

Access to quality education involves academic and co-curricular activities that develop a well-rounded person. With this, Leyte Normal University provides equal opportunities for all students, without deprivation and discrimination, to education that caters to their needs and ignite their potential in becoming productive citizens of the community. Increased women admission also proves strong gender participation hovering around school activities that recognize and respect different expressions.

Students Access Measures

Senior Female Academics

Women leadership in Leyte Normal University with senior academic staff or faculty status is one testament of gender power and inclusion relative to the overall data on institutional membership. This magnifies gender distribution in the teaching force occupying senior roles with important responsibilities.

Women Receiving Degrees

The advancement of women’s status in society includes having strong academic and educational opportunities. The university had been continuously providing equal opportunities for women and all genders in providing quality and relevant education.

Proportion of Womens Receiving Degrees

Women Progress Measures

Grounded on recognizing and rethinking women’s rights, roles, responsibilities, maternal and paternal policies, as well as childcare programs, LNU solidifies women issues and predicaments through the implementation of institutional guidelines. policies, and programs anchored in the university goal and in the the achievement of SDG # 5 (Gender Equality). As an institution of higher learning, LNU upholds gender sensitivity and inclusivity in an atmosphere of democracy where women’s voice is privileged and not marginalized, where balance is achieved through intersectionality and interconnectedness of gender issues overlapping in society, enlightened through critical discourse.

Womens Progress Measures

Research on Gender Equality

Gender responsiveness and equity are exemplified in researches authored by the faculty of Leyte Normal University that are interspersed within the lens of gender intersectionality. Scholarly papers were published in peer-reviewed international journals that illuminates gender empowerment benefiting the studentry, the institution, and the society at large. Having a strong research grounding on gender concerns forms an extensive basis for implementing policies and programs guiding the institution in its strong commitment towards privileging women and other marginalized groups in an atmosphere of gender equity towards gender equality.

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